Steve Lopez

VP of Technology

A seasoned leader in IT and operations, Steve Lopez has provided the technology backbone supporting franchises like Halo and Destiny, built out data centers for MSN, and designed and implemented the technology needed for the divestiture of Bungie from Microsoft. As Vice President of Technology at ProbablyMonsters, his role is to align communications between all groups, provide the resources and support for the growing family of studios, and provide the right technology for all critical services and game operations. No matter what Steve is managing, his focus is on making people who love making video games feel like ProbablyMonsters is their home.

Steve was passionate about technology even as a child, when he was an amateur radio operator who could build his own computer. After studying music, video production, and business at the Art Institute of Seattle, he began building specialized systems for 3D graphics and ran his own business for nine years. He joined Microsoft to build data centers and eventually built and managed large distributed systems in the company’s enterprise management division. As a gamer, he wanted to break into the games industry and Harold Ryan brought him to Bungie to run IT and build an independent network and technology structure for the studio’s future. This kicked off a partnership and friendship that has lasted for over 15 years, spanning many different accomplishments up to and including his role at ProbablyMonsters.

At Bungie, he built out the company’s new headquarters in Bellevue including a forty-rack data center, as well as the massive data center required for Destiny. With roles crossing IT, facilities, business, business development, and internal tools, Steve established a 24/7 network operations center that was stable and secure for millions of Destiny players.

In 2020, Steve joined ProbablyMonsters to work with Harold again, believing in his strength as a leader and trusted builder of cultural pillars. He seeks a balance between universal tools and services—and security requirements—across the family of studios and a custom approach to serve each studio’s need. Treating people well is important to him, and with every hire he looks at the person’s potential growth path and plans for what they can achieve in the future. His goal is to keep people happy and fulfilled so they’re excited about moving forward.

Steve and his family live on a couple acres that provide everything he needs including a workshop and separate office and music studio. In addition to playing music for fun, he’s currently very into Flight Simulator 2020, where he’s working on instrument flight and working with real air traffic controller volunteers to fly with live streaming air traffic. He also plays games with friends and his kids on the regular.

Games that got me into gaming: Wing Commander, Asheron’s Call, Halo, Borderlands