Sarah Rosa

Sarah Rosa

Executive Producer, Cauldron Studios

Sarah Rosa is an Executive Producer who is passionate about making and playing games. She specializes in helping highly creative teams meet their goals and ship the games they can be proud of. She leads through a balanced approach that focuses on the elevating the quality bar of her projects while ensuring the happiness of her teams. In the end, success for her isn’t just defined by commercially & critically successful games, but by teams that are energized and excited about their next project.

Sarah developed her expertise in creative development, production process, and narrative through stints at Irrational Games, Gearbox, and HBO. Through these opportunities she’s had the very fortune experience to support a large array of disciplines on original IP and major franchises on projects like BioShock Infinite and Westworld Awakening. Well-rounded in her experience and empathetic in her approach, she was attracted to ProbablyMonsters for its people-focused approach—a place that embraces stability for teams and well being for developers which she feels provides the safety for teams to tap into their creative potential and do their best work.

Sarah is a self-described boring person. When she’s not playing or making games, she can be found sewing, trying to keep her plants alive, or sitting in the warm glow of her TV.

Games that got me into gaming: Super Mario Bros, Pokémon Red, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night