Ryan Ellis

Game Director, Firewalk

The Game Director for Firewalk Studios is Ryan Ellis, formerly Creative Director at Bungie and Lead Artist at Oddworld Inhabitants. With nearly 20 years of game industry experience, Ellis has worked in almost every facet of game development and is a leader at building highly successful teams. His mission is to lead Firewalk’s talent with a goal of making best-in-class games that inspire and entertain audiences across the world.

Ellis began his career creating pre-rendered cinematics for Munch’s Oddysee at Oddworld Inhabitants, where he built the entire content tool chain and led the art team on the award-winning Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. He next co-founded an indie studio that created Poker Smash before joining Bungie Studios as part of the Destiny team.

On Destiny, Ellis played numerous key roles as Technical Art Director in the development and shipment of the game. He guided and helped build the world editor used to construct content and was instrumental in the construction of Bungie’s unique graphics engine. Ellis built the lighting team from the ground up and directed their work to define the iconic look of Destiny’s game world. He also directed and managed a large technical technical art team and was responsible for guiding the boot sequence, opening cinematics, social space, and initial missions for the first 90 minutes of gameplay.

As Creative Director, Ellis shipped Destiny: The Dark Below, spearheading the introduction of new storytelling systems and characters leading one of the most successful expansions in the Destiny franchise. As Creative Director of Destiny 2, Ellis led a team of over 600 and multiple partner studios from initial concept greenlight into full production.

Game(s) that got me into gaming: Parsec on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. Press fire to begin!