Battle Barge

Allen Fong, John Dunbar, Marsh Lefler, Patrick Blank

The third new studio from ProbablyMonsters is led by four key founders with a storied history of collaborating on successful original RPGs. Allen Fong, John Dunbar, Marsh Lefler, and Patrick Blank have a passion for advancing their craft through mutual support and knowledge sharing. College gaming friends Dunbar and Lefler worked together on the creation of Mythos at Flagship Studios before leaving to co-found Runic Games in 2008. Blank, original Lead Level Designer on Borderlands, later joined, and Fong, who built global partnerships for Perfect World, began working with the team shortly after inception. At Runic, they created Torchlight, a seminal RPG released in 2009, leading to the studio being named as a “Top 5 Developer” by Gamasutra. Their follow up game, Torchlight II, came out in 2012 and cemented the multi-platinum series as a global franchise. Since joining forces, the quartet has worked closely together for over a decade in an atmosphere of cooperation that goes beyond their formal disciplines and roles. They’re joined by veteran talent from major studios including Ubisoft, LucasArts, and Blizzard, as well as additional Borderlands alumni from Gearbox.

As studio founders, they look forward to combining their expertise in creating co-op RPGs with their growing team’s experience across a variety of franchises. Their goal is to create living worlds that bring us together for boundless adventures.

Game(s) that got us into gaming: Pitfall, Archon, Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., Dark Castle, Golvellius, Monkey Island 2, & Ocarina of Time.