Bungie alum Harold Ryan launches ProbablyMonsters to incubate AAA studios

Yahoo! Finance -

Game development, at times, can be an arduous task. Crafting the next big game is that much harder when you’re worried about whether you’ll have a job next month. Sustainability, particularly in AAA development, is a big buzzword and for good reason: we’ve seen far, far too many studio closures and layoffs over the last 12-18 months in this business. With ProbablyMonsters, which has been in stealth mode since 2016, former Bungie president and CEO Harold Ryan is setting out to prove that AAA games can be built sustainably.

Today, Ryan and ProbablyMonsters revealed that the company has raised $18.8 million in a Series A round led by Jerry Jones, Owner and President of the Dallas Cowboys, and John Goff, Founder and Chairman of Crescent Real Estate and Goff Capita. Ryan serves as CEO at ProbablyMonsters, which labels itself as a new kind of game company. Rather than dedicating itself to development or publishing, ProbablyMonsters is seeking to develop whole studios and set them up to be sustainable from day one.

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