Better Together: How ‘Halo’ Veteran Harold Ryan Plans To Revolutionize Game Studio Culture

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Harold Ryan, the former CEO of Bungie, plans to revolutionize the gaming industry with ProbablyMonsters

This month, ProbablyMonsters took another step towards shaping how games could be made, and it’s one you shouldn’t overlook.

Each studio built by ProbablyMonsters is formed around a game director, who has a particular focus for the experiences they want players to have in their games. Around this, the company assembles a team with a shared passion and vision for what they're building and set to work in creating a game based on this. Yet while every studio has a different specialism, they maintain the same access to assistance, expertise and mentorship from the wider company.

The bottom line is that each member of the team, at every level, must uphold values of respect, trust, approachability, and accountability. “These founding principles are literally written on the walls of our company,” Ryan says. “Providing an aspirational environment alongside a shared purpose, along with stability for developers, unlocks greater creativity for developers.

Sustainability is important to gamers because it gives them better games. It’s important to developers, giving them a healthy career and a team on which to thrive. For publishers it’s important too, because the investment involved in building trust and respect in a business relationship to build and bring a game to market is a lot of work. Sustainable, long-lasting game studios are good for everyone.”

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