A Sustainable and People-First Gaming Company in the Pacific Northwest

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When video game industry veteran Harold Ryan set out to launch a new kind of gaming company in 2016, people asked what it would do. “Our typical response was, ‘I don’t know what it will be, but it will probably have monsters in it,’” Ryan said.

The name of Ryan’s company, ProbablyMonsters Studios, grew out of that.

Bellevue-based ProbablyMonsters has yet to release a game, but it has raised significant money from investors sold on Ryan’s vision to create a gaming company that puts developers first in the belief that great games will follow. On Sept. 1, the company announced that it raised $200 million in a Series A preferred stock financing round.

Before Ryan became founder and CEO of ProbablyMonsters, he was CEO at Bellevue-based video game creator Bungie. Over his career, he has been responsible for generating more than $5 billion of revenue through franchises such as Halo, Destiny, Age of Empires, and MechWarrior, according to his company bio. Executive roles included leading Bungie, and key positions at Microsoft, Ensemble Studios, and FASA Studios.

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