Senior Level Environment Artist

About ProbablyMonsters Inc. 

Established in 2016 and announced in October 2019, ProbablyMonsters™ is a new breed of game company that builds sustainable AAA studios to launch original AAA games. The company was founded by Harold Ryan to not only create great games, but also to make a great working experience for developers, one where people, culture, and creativity come first. ProbablyMonsters mission is to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional interactive experiences. The company has built a central team that provides early stage infrastructure and long-term support to its studios on Operations, HR, Finance, BizDev, Tech, and QA, among other services. This unique model provides ProbablyMonsters studios the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions. Learn more about us at

is looking for a Senior Level Environment Artist to help architect and create amazing world art that brings to life the incredible places in our games.


Who You Are:

  • You strive for excellence in environment art and world-building, with a flair for both the aesthetic and the technical.
  • You prefer creating hand-crafted aesthetics with painterly, illustrative qualities rather than photo-realism.
  • Your portfolio reflects your experience, your love for creating new worlds and the technical mastery of your tools.
  • You have a strong understanding of gameplay needs within the environments you create, and you enjoy the collaborative goal of finding the perfect balance with design and visuals.
  • You pride yourself in your ability to effectively listen to and communicate with every member of the team in a way that inspires a confident and respectful workplace.
  • You are well-versed in modern tools and techniques for creating modular, optimized and textured game-ready content.
  • You have experience in Unreal Engine 4 and/or are excited to learn.

What You Will Do:

  • Help build up our environment art team and work closely with Level Design in creating the tile sets they will use to create our game world.
  • Getting your hands dirty in-engine and building environments.
  • Collaborating with Concept Artists to translate designs into 3D assets.
  • Joining a playtest session to give notes and see how your environments feel in actual play.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • You have a deep understanding of texturing and at least one 3d authoring package.
  • You have a deep understanding of non-photo-realistic rendering and real-time lighting solutions.