Senior Combat Designer
About Cauldron Studios

Cauldron Studios™, a ProbablyMonsters studio, is developing a narrative-driven AAA game. 

We are looking for a world class Senior Combat Designer who can work with design leadership to implement compelling combat from conceptualization to implementation utilizing Unreal 4. The ideal candidate has a strong technical understanding of unreal, a firm grasp on the fundamentals of animation and experience using state machines to hook up characters. 

They would demonstrate a high level of proficiency, experience, and passion for tuning and balancing a large suite of combat systems and encounters in a live environment.

  • Exercises deep knowledge for character action games, third-person melee combat, as well as a keen eye for game feel and balance
  • Work closely with design leadership to design, implement and polish compelling combat experiences
  • Work within an established creative guideline to implement character behavior that fits the game's vision
  • Create compelling and balanced combat worthy of top of class AAA game 
  • Design, implement, tune, and maintain combat systems, abilities, items, weapons, and player statistics.
  • Ownership of the core combat mechanic and specification of associated animation.
  • Ownership of the development of combat features and improvement efforts, from ideation through delivery to players.
  • Maintain clear and concise documentation for all mechanics, balance, and systems they are responsible for.
Who You Are:
  • You are a world class experience designer with a passion for the player combat loop, building complex combatant behaviors, and a deep bench of player navigation ideas to make moving through the world exciting.
  • You have 5+ years of AAA player focused design and have shipped at least one AAA game.
  • You understand how to take existing interconnected systems and push their boundaries yielding great moment to moment experiences.
  • You have extensive combat design experience with a focus on the Player's tool kit.
  • You can easily communicate, breakdown and demonstrate the complex relationship of player and combatants engagements that make great water cooler moments.
  • You can identify and advocate for game improvements to the design director and other studio leads.
  • You can tell a story through your designs.
  • You have a great understanding of modern game development.
  • You are excited to work collaboratively in a strong creative team environment

 What Your Day Might Look Like:
  • Meet with design director to discuss upcoming tasks and align resources.
  • Meet with your working group to discuss feedback from the most recent playtest.
  • Spend time testing your recent changes to balance gameplay.
  • Have lunch with a prospective new hire.
About ProbablyMonsters Inc.

Established in 2016 and announced in October 2019, ProbablyMonsters™ is a new breed of game company that builds sustainable AAA studios to launch original AAA games. The company was founded by Harold Ryan to not only create great games, but also to make a great working experience for developers, one where people, culture, and creativity come first. ProbablyMonsters mission is to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional interactive experiences. The company has built a central team that provides early stage infrastructure and long-term support to its studios on Operations, HR, Finance, BizDev, Tech, and QA, among other services. This unique model provides Cauldron Studios and all ProbablyMonsters studios the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions. Learn more about us at