Senior Character Technical Artist

Our mission is to create industry-leading multiplayer games for players around the world.  We are working on an unannounced and original next-generation AAA title.


Firewalk Studios is looking for a Senior Character Technical Artist who is incredibly passionate about characters and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. You will be helping to build and maintain the "glue" between character art, animation, tools, and engineering for our project. Also, this role is also known as Senior Technical Animator 

  • You enjoy solving technical problems and take pride in enabling others to do their best work through technological solutions.
  • You have a deep desire to push characters technically in video games.
  • You love making video games and can empathize deeply with our players.
  • You foster good working relationships with fellow teammates and can use your technical knowledge to bridge gaps and solve misunderstandings.

  • Work closely with Modelers, Animators, and Designers when iterating on a character. Be able to give rigging feedback about what is working, what isn't, and give advice on technical solutions to solve problems.
  • Be responsible for a character's rigging and deformation all the way down the pipeline, both in Maya and Unreal.
  • Code new pipelines and rigging techniques in Maya or Unreal to raise the bar on character performances.
  • Communicate well with others as you help evangelize a new pipeline or tool. Be the "glue" that brings disciplines together.
  • You will support team members with desk side support and help everyone push the boundaries of Character Tech.

  • You have shipped at least one successful AAA titles from start to finish as a character technical artist or rigger.
  • You have a great understanding of the Unreal Character pipeline and have used Unreal to ship a game.
  • You have experience working with Python or Pymel and have used it to help create large impactful tools for artists, riggers, or animators. Bonus if you have C++ or C# experience.
  • You are capable of building exceptional animation rigs inside Maya.


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