Gameplay Technical Designer

Our mission is to create industry-leading multiplayer games for players around the world.  We are working on an unannounced and original next-generation AAA title.

Our studio is looking for a Gameplay Technical Designer who is incredibly excited about games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. Our Gameplay Technical Designer is responsible for facilitating the foundation of technology for Gameplay Design and helping develop new core combat experiences.
  • You love action gameplay, game feel, and competitive shooters.
  • You enjoy solving technical problems, building new development tools, and are unafraid of diving into complex aspects of game development.
  • You thrive when learning, building, and teaching. Helping solve a difficult problem and using that knowledge to help your team and/or build a new tool or pipeline is highly rewarding.
  • You are an excellent communicator. You love to give feedback on work in progress, and you love to teach your co-workers new work methods and efficiencies.
  • You are literate in game design fundamentals. You enjoy spinning up conversations about what makes a game fun and try to understand how each component contributes to the whole.
  • You can successfully manage relationships with other teams and help them get the most out of working with Gameplay Design.

  • Finding a creative technical solution to get a combat mechanic working.
  • Working closely with Gameplay Designers as both a creative collaborator and a technical problem solver.
  • Brainstorming potential mechanics with the team, helping to find potential issues and solutions to those issues long before the feature is even greenlit.
  • Regular playtesting of the build. Offering constructive feedback, listening to team feedback, and contributing to the regular tuning of the game based on playtest feedback.
  • Auditing current script and tech, finding best practices, and then evangelizing them to the team.
  • Speaking with the Engineering Director about our tech roadmap and what we can do to facilitate bolder design.
  • Collaborating with engineers, artists, and other designers to discuss and detail how a gameplay mechanic will work and how your team will approach building it.
  • Helping a Gameplay Designer debug why a feature isn't coming together very well.
  • Prioritizing gameplay bugs and tasks so that we are always pushing forward what’s best for the game and the team.
  • Experience seeing a game through the entire development pipeline, from prototyping to polish and release. For example, having shipped at least one AAA title from start to finish, or equivalent game development experience.
  • Significant expertise with the Unreal 4 Engine.

ProbablyMonsters™ is a builder of sustainable game studios that creates and launches original AAA games through a people-first culture. Our mission is to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional interactive experiences. In an industry where new AAA studios and developer-focused cultures are equally rare, ProbablyMonsters stands out by fostering both with excellence. We empower our family of studios to concentrate on game creation while our platform team focuses on providing early stage infrastructure and long-term support. This unique development model provides each of our teams the confidence, security, and stability to create and ship their games free of distractions. Our family of studios includes: narrative-driven Cauldron Studios™, multiplayer-focused Firewalk Studios™, and our third studio, not named yet, already working on a next-gen co-op RPG game. Learn more about our people, culture, and commitment to exceptional creativity at