Environment Palette Artist


Our mission is to create industry-leading multiplayer games for players around the world.  We are working on an unannounced and original next-generation AAA title.


irewalk Studios is looking for an Environment Artist Palette who is passionate about bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. As our Environment Artist - Palette, you will be responsible for working with the world art team to create high quality assets used throughout the game.


  • Your portfolio reflects your experience, your love for creating environment assets, and a strong technical understanding of your tools.
  • You strive for excellence in environment asset creation, with a flair for both the aesthetic and the technical.
  • You are technical enough to quickly learn new tools and workflows and work comfortably within engine constraints.
  • You are well-versed in modern tools and techniques for creating optimized and textured game ready content, with an eye towards the cutting edge.
  • You stay on top of the latest tools and workflows and find ways to motivate and inspire innovation across your team.
  • You feel at home creating and collaborating with the world art team and across disciplines to ensure you assets meet the needs of the entire project.
  • You find time to play video games & empathize deeply with our players, because you are a gamer at heart.


  • Creating multiple types of assets, from bespoke hero assets to entire kits used by world artists that support the goals of the overall Art Direction and Design Direction.
  • Meeting with the World Art Lead, World Artists, and Level Designers to review your most recent work in context with the rest of the environment.
  • Collaborating with the World art team to establish Palettes that strongly support a specific visual style that will help drive the Art Direction within a specific area and across the entire game.
  • Meeting with the World Art Lead, World Artists, and Technical Artists to review the teams work.
  • Joining a playtest to see how your assets are influencing the game and to give feedback on the entire game.


  • You have a deep understanding of 3dsMax, Maya or other 3D package, Substance Suite, and the Unreal Engine.
  • You have shipped at least one AAA quality game.
  • You have knowledge and experience of next generation environment art pipelines, tools and workflows.
  • You have at least 3+ years of experience creating environment assets.





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